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Super friendly Analytics, Insights and more in just one tool.

Unified Analytics Platform

Get marketing analytics and performance insights for your website and newsletter. All in just one tool.

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Friendly as a puppy

Privacy friendly. User friendly. Covers your digital carbon footprint as part of your Scope 3 emissions. Just one tool for your website and newsletter.

🇪🇺 Privacy friendly

Your users are not our business. We are EU-based, anonymize all IPs, don't track and are fully GDPR compliant.

🧑‍💻 User friendly

Easy analytics and performance insights for people like you (and us). Just the important stuff, no nonsense.

🌍 Climate friendly

Our algorithm calculates your digital carbon footprint and offsets it. It's super smart and works for websites and newsletters, too.

⚡️ Marketing friendly

Show your good standing with a badge for your website (and newsletter). Use our reports to optimize your website for search engines and humans.

📊 Data friendly

All data processing based on legitimate grounds and in public interest (we use it to calculate your digital carbon footprint).

💼 Business friendly

Grow your business on facts and be sustainable at the same time at the same price. Win-win-win on business intelligence, marketing and expenses.

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